Sunday, September 30, 2012

New sweater for Angel

Just got this gorgeous new sweater from Danielle of Amubleu at PoisonBleu on ETSY.

IF this sweater ever comes off of him because it's so gorgeous, it will only be because he's wearing another Poisonbleu sweater!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Angel Mario Giovanni Giorgio Christiano

Introducing Angel. Full name: Angel Mario Giovanni Giorgio Christiano. Named in honor of my 4 friends from the band heavy metal band, Oktober (Mario, John, George and Chris.) Angel is in memory of the incredibly talented and dear Mario Parillo as he lost a battle with cancer in 2001. 
Angel is lead guitar in a Christian Metal band inspired by Haven. (In honor of the band whose jam session / Bible study was the place I accepted Christ in 1991. Thank you, Kevin, Andy, Ed, John, and Tim for your testimony and witness!)

And here he is before he got a haircut (I personally like it, but my kids aren't into long hair. He's going to need a long hair wig, though. No doubt.):

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Future in Romance Novel Covers? LOL

While I never read romance novels (I think they are an absolute bore) and would read sci-fi or fantasy anyday, I think I might just have a future in romance novel covers...especially after this photoshoot. Truth be told...I think I've seen one too many period films.  Mr. Darcy desperately walking across the moors to Lizzie, Heathcliff driven to madness in agony for Cathy, Jane Eyre returning to Mr. Rochester as she hears his voice calling to her...  I am most certainly a hopeless romantic.

First love... Callie and Liam.

Introducing Caledonia Ceara Bryn

Introducing Caledonia "Callie" Ceara Bryn, my Granado Sidonia.
I have created her faceup and one of kind wig.