Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tonner's BJD Tyler

This exquisite doll is a gift from a dear friend. She's a 16 " resin doll. Her resin is so beautiful and I wasn't even able to truly capture it on film. It's very translucent...white with a soft pink glow.

She came with three wigs--blonde, brunette, and red. LOVE the brunette and red on her. Not so wild about the blonde. I think it's the shade of blonde that I don't care for. With her skin tone, I think I'd rather see a platinum blonde, so I'm off to work to make her a wig---or two---or three. She definitely needs a raven wig.

She comes with interchangeable eyes. I've taken out her blue eyes, and replaced them with brown. I've ordered her some hazel eyes and some grey hazel eyes. I'll be curious to see those on her.

I absolutely love her! Her new name is "TJ", in honor of her original name, and "J" for the sweetheart who blessed me with her!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alice Kingsley

Tonner's Alice Kingsley from Alice in Wonderland arrived on Saturday. I was oohing and aahing when I opened her box!!! I absolutely love her dress--so many little details and so beautifully made---especially the embroidery along the bottom! She has darling little wristlets, and cute striped stockings! Her boots are just divine! She looks a lot like the actress, I think. My children even recognized her. (Even the little ones who didn't see the movie.) I intended on repainting and selling her, but I'm quite smitten with her.

Jadde Lee's new look!

My favorite Madame Alexander doll, Jadde Lee, gets a new look! I Frankendollied her with Joe Tai's new replacement bodies and now she's everything I dreamed of! Never quite cared for Madame Alexander's doll bodies. This particular Jadde is Straight Cutts and is the prettiest IMHO. I love her gorgeous hair with the blue streaks. I need to pull out her original outfit and see if it fits. I hope so! She's presently wearing a Monaeglow gown.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Madame Alexander's Sienna

Always loved this doll, but the Madame Alexander bodies never did a thing for me. So stiff, and unnatural looking! I got this Joe Tai replacement body and I had seen a Sienna head on it on one of the doll boards, and I knew that it was meant for Sienna. Here's Hopelessly Fabulously Fifties Sienna rebodied........