Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A new angel arrives! A rose among roses!

Had a lovely surprise today! My dear husband brought me these exquisite flowers! Also received in the mail this lovely Metrodolls Shauna that I've always admired, but kept missing out on. She makes a perfect angel for my collection. I think she's the prettiest Shauna there is. I love the variegated tones in her hair. Truly a rose among the roses!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


It was indeed like Christmas this past weekend. The acquisition of Larimar (one of my earlier repaints/reroots) was a special treat. She was a former Dreamgirls Deena that I repainted and rerooted. She fits in so nicely with my Indian girls. I was so thrilled at the opportuinity to get her back! Thank you, Patty! I put her head on a JamieShow replacement body, and she looks INCREDIBLE!

Larimar, named for the jewel, is wearing an exquisite gown by my dear friend, the incomparable Sherry Isenbarger.

Magical jewelry by Shiloh Winter! I love these luminescent milky moonstones!


Returning to me is the sweet Chenyin. Here is a repaint that I did a couple of years ago. She was a treasure in 2 of my friends' homes for a time, but has come to live with me. She bears happy memories of good friends made through doll collecting--Marsha and Helene. She was always one of my favorites, so I'm so thrilled and blessed to have her back. Her head is on a JamieShow body! I absolutely love these bodies. Wish I had 25 of them!

Here she is wearing a lovely gown by Monaeglow (that matches her eyeshadow just perfectly.) Necklace by Shiloh Winter Jewelry.

Her name is like poetry..."silver" and "greatness". Named in honor of a friend of the same name.

Enkeli and Tarja

Well, I sold off all of my Daphnes (sob) a couple of months ago, but I kept these two girls for me. Enkeli and Tarja are twins. Both are repaints by me. Both names are Finnish. They are each taking turns rocking this JamieShow body that I own. Can't decide who deserves it.

Here is the sultry Enkeli ("angel")-- with angelic platinum and silver hair wearing a gothic red and black lace gown by Karen Kolkman, and leather trench by Ran D. Angel. Earrings by Patty.

And Tarja (whose name means "protector") wearing a stunning pewter sequined gown by Alwin Roos. Gunmetal rose jewelry by Shiloh Winter Jewelry.

Colors of India

A beautiful OOAK purse created by my daughter, Jade. So thrilled to have this in my collection. I adore paisley and turquoise, and this was a precious gift as I was recovering from illness. What a treasure!

This top and sari are by Empire and the skirt is by The Almighty Hat.

Shanti is showing off a colorful set by Alwin Roos. Paired up with Earrings by Empire, Necklace by Mattel, Bracelets by Shiloh, and a darling little Embroidered and, again, the little beaded purse by Jade Spring.

Friday, February 18, 2011

India Inque in Metallics

The exquisite India Inque in a Tibetan Lamb wig and absolutely rocking an Alwin Roos design. I LOVE metals! The copper, pewter, and gunmetal in this gown are just gorgeous! The finishing touch---a brushed copper diamond and a liquid copper glass shard dangle from a filigreed copper chain (by Shiloh Winter Jewelry.)

Shariar and Li Ling

Well, I think Shariar found his soulmate in beautiful, Li Ling. I shared her earlier in my blog. She's a Carrie repaint by Pamela Reasor. Love this green eyed beauty. I think Shah looks darling with her---to the distress of all the Indian girl dolls that were awaiting his choice. (No worries--I do have another handsome young suitor on the way!) I've rebodied Li Ling here and put her on a JamieShow body.

He better watch out, though. She's quite the Diva.