Friday, March 16, 2012

Wonderful Discovery!

See these dear little Madame Alexander Alex dolls? My beloved Aunt Sue gave these to me when I was eight years old. Aside from Barbie (who will always remain my first love), these dolls inspired my doll collecting/obsession.

The Scottish girl on the left has her original outfit on, however the dear girl on the right was originally Scarlett O'Hara. Her gown was destroyed by yellowing due to age and being improperly displayed. Tried to salvage it, and it was just a big mess--and pretty much shredded when I tried to hand wash it. She's been dressed in a Barbie dress that belonged to my daughter for a few years now and has looked rather shabby--a sad little image of her former self.

To my delight, my beloved friend, Ginny, sent me some doll clothes this week (among other treasures. It was indeed Christmas in March) and this little costume was in it. I couldn't imagine what doll it would fit, but I was super excited as the costume looked Austrian to me.

Went scrambling for little Alex tonight and discovered that it indeed DOES fit her! Doubly excited at the fact that both dolls now are wearing costumes from my heritage!

The little Austrian costume has little flowers on it (which probably should be Edelweiss, but are daisies---and that makes it even more sentimental because my dear Aunt Lynn who went to be with the Lord, loved daisies, and I thought of her right away. She's also wearing a yellow crocheted shawl...the crochet makes me think of my grandmother, Gigi, and the yellow--my Aunt Lynn again.)

VERY sentimental evening.

Note to self: buy the poor girls' some shoes, and finish mom's doll.

Updating my Bollywood doll shelf in my studio

Adding a beautiful new girl to the mix tonight! Can you spot her? I'll do a proper introduction later. She's Jason Wu's new Fashion Royalty 16" doll, Anais McKnight. (She's on the far right in the foreground.) GORGEOUS doll and she fits so perfect in my Bollywood world.

Left to Right:

Tonner's High Seas Elizabeth Swann Jaya Rerooted by me wearing Ellowyne's Always Playing Solitaire;

Tonner's Tamina (Prince of Persia in her original outfit);

Tonner's Vacation on Location Sydney Priya in Viva La Posh ;

and Helen Kish/American Girl Girls of Many Lands: Neela from India (in her original costume.)

My little black sheep in front. He's my mascot. LOL Shows up around the studio from time to time.

Neela again; OOAK Tonner's Dreamgirls Deena Kashmira repainted and wigged by me wearing Sisen Designs (franken-dollied onto a JamieShow body);

JamieShow Alejandro Raj wearing a wig by me and dressed in Black Hills Doll Design;

OOAK repaint reroot Avant Guard LiveWire Jyoti by me wearing Karen Kolkman Creations;

OOAK Tonner Tamina Zaara by me wearing Halo Designs;

Helen Kish Mowgli Devdas wearing Sisen Designs;

Seated in the front:

Planetdoll Tara Pari painted and wigged by me wearing Karen Kolman Creations;

OOAK Antoinette Spice Shanti repaint and reroot by me wearing Alwin Roos Originals.

Zaara again; OOAK Tonner Dreamgirls Deena Larimar repaint and reroot by me wearing Monaeglow gown and a headpiece inspired by Alexander Mc Queen by me;
FR2 Anais McKnight wearing Alwin Roos Originals and purse by Jade Lenzt;
Lower Level: Helen Kish Mowgli wearing Sisen Designs. Shanti again.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Doll Collection update

Just updated one of the shelves in my studio.

Was blessed to acquire a new girl, and to return an "old" girl back to her place.

Left to right:
OOAK Tonner Daphne by Julie Elizabeth wearing Monaeglow, and a Monarch Butterfly hat that I created inspired by Alexander Mc Queen; Tonner Kingston Nurse Lana wearing Monaeglow; Tonner Zantanna (Lana)(new acquistion thanks to my dear friend Monica!) wearing an OOAK gown (don't know the artist as it was a gift); and seated, Tonner Platinum Cami with inset eyes (Jim Dandy was a sweetheart and touched them up for me) wearing Monaeglow. (Yeah---I kinda like Monaeglow.)

Angel in the center is Miss Marvel wearing an OOAK gown by Sherry Isenbarger (Sisen Design.)

OOAK Repaint Reroot Tonner Samantha by me wearing Alwin Roos; OOAK Repaint Reroot Tonner Lana by me wearing Alwin Roos; seated Kinetic Tszche (re-aquired thanks to my friend Matty!) wearing an OOAK wig by me, and Monaeglow gown; OOAK Repaint Reroot Tonner Daphne by me wearing Monaeglow.

All jewelry by Shiloh Winter Jewelry/Laurie Lenz ANGELS Doll Studio

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New wig for Pari

I'll tell you what's nice...when our guardian messes up wigs, some of us dolls actually get to have a wig to wear that is all our own, and we don't have to share. This one was a little bit too snug, so I got to have it.

I think I look quite pretty in this style and color. Don't you?

Poor Shiloh, Laurie's daughter, is not happy right now. Laurie cut her hair today and made her cry. She had to take her to the hairdressers to get it fixed.

Theresa, our hairdresser said, "Now, Laurie, you stick to dolls and leave the people hair to me."

Shiloh said, "Boo hoo. It's SO short and I look like a boy." Laurie felt like a loser. I think Shiloh looks pretty. Maybe Laurie could make her a wig?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Captive in Questioning

This is from a story I'm writing with my friend, Luluna:

Jacinta: Rogue? Rogue you say??? The only rogue that I know of is the monster that stands before me and holds me captive, and I don't know of any redheads other than the masquerader who just tossed that red wig on the ground.
This is a deserted island. You won't find anyone on this island but me...and I mean to keep it that way.You and your kind are the reason that I left humanity in the first place.
I have done nothing. Let me go! "

She spits at him.
Pirate: Rogue? Monster? Me? By what of this world do you get that from?
I seek only to recover...a special cargo...that was last seen on that red-headed rascal's ship.
If you cared for this scoundrel, you would cooperate most willingly…the longer he has this cargo…the more his life is in mortal danger. And should anything happen…to this consignment he will have no where to stop…for he will be hunted till found. The man that claims ‘ownership’ of the treasure…is powerful and very dangerous.

I’ve donned that blasted red wig as I diverted another who is commissioned to retrieve this….treasure.

Only I knew to seek you out…for I know of your kind…and how you have watched him by afar.

Jacinta: What name you go by so that I would know whom it is that is holding me captive?

IF I knew of this scoundrel--though I confess I do not--what would make me believe that you have any noble intent in this matter, or dare place my trust in you? You and your men have stormed my harbor, beaten down my door, chased me to the top of this lighthouse tower, and now hold me against my will. And if that's not all...that other pirate ship that arrived at the same time as your ship has retreated. Why do those men fear you?

And you expect me to believe that this is all to retrieve some treasure? What exactly IS this treasure? And what would make you think that this man that you hunt is in possession of it? or furthermore... that I would know his whereabouts? Who does this treasure belong to? You? or are you under someone's liege?

I can see it in your eyes and detect by your words that you indeed know my secret, and yet you boast that you know my kind. You would sooner harpoon us or catch us in your nets. My family was brutally murdered by the hands of your kind.
But there was one whose heart was true that saved me and released me
from the net that bound me and would have sent me to my watery grave off the coast of Loch Eriboll
and to him I will ever be endebted. Oh, James, now you are the hunted. I will never betray you.

I roam the seas. I know of all of the doings of seafaring men. I also know of many treasures. If you promise to let me go, I could lead you to one. Just think of what you could do with all that wealth. I do not know this man that you're looking for. You are wasting your time here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The stand-off with the pirates

Jacinta's mind races wildly. Her initial hope, that Captain James would turn his ship around and rescue her, immediately vanishes from her thoughts, and turns to panic. Might he indeed be crazy enough to do something like that? It horrifies her. She could not bear to see any harm come to him on her behalf. So many times when he was at sea, she had gone ahead of him, unbeknownst to him, and tried to protect him. Now that she had actually spoken to him...held him in her arms...

Oh why did she call out to him? Her flesh was so weak. She should have let him go on his way. How do you hold back love?

She now puts aside her fears and determines that if she can create a diversion that perhaps James' vessel will get far enough away that these men won't realize that his crew has even been there.

You rogue! Do you think I am afraid of your weapons? My people have fought your nets and harpoons for centuries!
and many died brutal deaths---horrors that flashed in her nightmares

What do you want from me? Why have you come here?
Did they follow James? Did they know he had been here?
Did they know her secret? Did they recognize her? Her eyes would tell them. Don't make eye contact.

The ocean calls her. Her heart is tearing in two.

Hold it back, Jacinta. Do not listen. Stand firm. Be brave.

Like a lamb, she surrenders-- ready to lay her life down if need be. She's tired of running. Tired of fighting. If they are focused on her, the focus will be off of James. It is decided.

She breathes deep and smells the sea...her home...and in her mind's eye she sees the Scottish moors and Highlands so far away...and James...her beloved James.

And for the moment--the thought of James in Lexy's arms actually brings her comfort. He would be safe there.