Monday, July 30, 2012

Poppy Parker 16" Dolls

Precious Love 16" Poppy Parker redressed. I call her, Gigi Sabrina.

Shop Around Poppy Parker 16" whom I affectionately call Tania Poppy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A celebratory pic

Cause for celebration! Took a pic to commemorate it.  Today a new JamieShow body arrived, and my very first Bollywood creation, Jyoti, who was a former LiveWire AvantGuard, claimed it.  Her body was always so emaciated looking and over time her hands and feet started to discolor. I'm thrilled that she is now more beautiful than ever! Raj, a JamieShow Alejandro, her beloved, sat in for the pic.

Liam Dougray

Yeah, he's an Adonis for sure.  Redid his lips. Love this wig on him.

Monday, July 23, 2012

In memory of Ginny

I am an emotional and sentimental collector, which is perhaps one of the worst kinds of collectors. It makes for empty pocketbooks, and dolls who beg never to be resold because they hold heartstrings. These dolls represent just that. 

The first beauty is a Kara of Krypton repaint by Tracy Weston. Background: My favorite Tonner doll is Supergirl (tied with Daphne.) Ask anyone who knows me well and they'll confirm that. I sold my Kara of Krypton when my son was sick, and I needed money for doctor bills. My friend, Ginny was heartbroken for me that I had to sell her, and we were both hoping that I could find one again. So, how could I pass this gorgeous repaint up when I saw her a few days after my precious friend went to be with the Lord. She was originally named "Nina" but I've renamed her "Ginny" in honor of my beloved friend. I cannot get over her sculpted nails. Beautiful doll. She is indeed an angel.

Now, this one, Phantom Zone Supergirl, was actually a gift that I received from Ginny a few weeks before she passed away. She would affectionately call me "Supergirl" from time to time, so this was a special connection that she and I shared. This doll goes to my grave with me. Try prying it from my cold dead hands. I am a sentimental slob. She's been on my desk since Ginny passed away. I think I'm torturing myself. Probably not a good thing. I should move her to the display shelf. There. I just did it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I actually won a contest!!!

I never win anything, and I just won a contest! How cool! Got this gorgeous silver gown from Ilse of MaxAmy Design! It's convertible and can be worn many ways.  Need to take a full length view, but the dress just arrived and is wrinkled, and the background just arrived and is wrinkled too. I daresay I don't know how to use an iron. :P  Need the dress and background to settle and air out. Ha ha.

Thank you to LeeAnn who sponsored the contest and Ilse who made the gown. 
This was a contest on the I-mag-i-nation chat board celebrating their 1 year anniversary.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing my Scotsman, Liam Dougray MacIlwraith

Wearing my family's tartan! He'll be getting a kilt at some point.

Iplehouse Felix. Faceup and wig by me.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tis better to have loved and lost

Still can't believe I sold my beautiful Roshan. Hoping that it doesn't hit me too hard when I "wake up."  It was a rough week. Lost one of my dearest friends to COPD. Having health problems ---possibly Meniere's Disease. Not thinking all that straight. All that aside--Roshan was enormous and took up a whole shelf on his own. Wish I could've shrink ray-ed him down to an SID size. I'll probably wind up with another Arvid sculpt some day. I'll try the model body next time. Superhero is gorgeous, but too big for me. He sure was a beautiful doll, though. I adore his profile. That nose! GORGEOUS! He's going to a good home where he'll be appreciated I'm sure. Shanti and I will miss him. He was "our" first love! :P

Roshan leaves tomorrow. The lovers, Shantipriya and Roshan, spent thier last night together under the stars reminiscing and saying goodbye.

Roshan: Do you remember when we first met?

Shanti: Of course I do, Roshan. Our eyes met...

Roshan: ...and there was magic.

Shanti: It all happened so fast. I can't believe tomorrow is the day you're leaving.

Roshan: I know. It feel like I just started getting to know you.

Shanti: Oh Roshan, I can't bear it!

Shanti: Please don't leave me!

Roshan: I must. Shanti, you are the most beautiful soul that I've ever met. I will never forget you. I have to let you go. Please understand. My life is not a life that permits me to have a family.  We wanted to have a family, Shanti. I could never be there for you and the children. You would be alone.

Roshan: Promise me you will never forget me.

Roshan: I love you, Shanti. You were my first love.

Shanti: You were my first love too, Roshan. We were made for each other. Don't you see? I still wear our wedding henna. How can you leave!?!?

Roshan: Listen to me, Shanti. You will fall in love again. You will forget all about me.

Shanti: I could never forget you. I thought you were made for me.

Roshan: We had our time, Shanti. It was beautiful, but now, we must go our separate ways.

Shanti: I feel like this was all a beautiful dream.

Shanti: It's over.

Roshan: So, I guess this is goodbye.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Liam Dougray MacIlwraith

Well, he's not entirely done, but I had to show off my young Scotsman, Liam Dougray.