Thursday, November 18, 2010

Madame Alexander / Jason Wu's Paris Collaboration

LOVE what the Madame Alexander / Jason Wu team has done with Paris!!! Fabulous new body! Gorgeous new face! A little too exotic to be "Paris" still IMHO. She needs a more exotic name like...Seychelle, Martinique, Nairobi, Indira, Cleopatra......hmmmmmm....

She has really great legs....and feet! I LOVE her feet!! LOL
I think I'm going to have to paint some mendhi on them and show them off a bit!

Just because...........

Cannes Opening Daphne, Metrodolls Garden Party Iris (wearing Symphonic Antoinette's ensemble), OOAK Carrie by Pamela (wearing Monaeglow), Women in the Media Awards Layne (wearing handpainted/dyed Prince of Persia Tamina outfit), Dreamgirls Deena (wearing Prince of Persia Tamina outfit), Metrodolls Iris (Congac) (wearing Franklin Mint Titanic Ensemble), Madame Alexander Jadde Lee (wearing Tonner Jac ensemble), Madame Alexander Jadde Lee (wearing her original ensemble.)

My girls showing of thier Hazel Street Cords! OOAK Sybarite Inque, India, (wearing Aquathreads top), OOAK Sybarite Raja (wearing Cozy Couture), Tonner Tyler BJD wearing Aquathreads top, OOAK Sybarite Inque, Ife, wearing Tonner boho top. All wigs and repaints by me.

Shanti and India--just because I love them.

Moxie Teenz Bijou--just because I think she's so pretty!

Glowing Muse Antoinette Honey (I call her Lalita) wearing Tonner's Prince of Persia Tamina ensemble that I hand-painted/dyed. Turned out so pretty!

Nothing cheers me up more than my favorite dolls in the beautiful colors of India!

My Exotic beauties

Nothing cheers me up more than my favorite dolls in the beautiful colors of India!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Madame Alexander Paris >>>>

I've always admired the work of Jon Copeland. Especially blessed to acquire this beautiful repaint of Paris by Jon. It's very timely because the new Madame Alexander Paris that was done in collaboration with Jason Wu is being shipped from dealers this week. I've seen pictures of her and she's lovely, but she isn't Paris. THIS is Paris. I've renamed this particular repaint, "Jonna" since Jon's masterful brush painted her, and his work with hair is uncomparable.

Never quite cared for the Madame Alexander bodies. This doll is a Frankendolly and has a Tonner Antoinette body. Looking forward to seeing what Jason Wu does with the body on the new dolls.

The beautiful gown is by Ashton Drake.

My favorite Tonner gown

I'm such a sucker for anything paisley. What's more perfect than an Indian girl wearing paisley? I think Kashmira smokes Tyler in this dress. Tonner's magnificent Casino Jade gown. Mind Boggling gorgeous fabric!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pretty in Peach

Deepika Sheherazade in a beautiful Peach Salwar Kurta. The last photoshoot of my beauty before I had to sell her. At peace knowing that she's living with a dear friend now.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kashmira--- my beautiful Frankendollly!

A project in the making for a few months----Kashmira. She is a Frankendolly of sorts. I created her with a Deena head from Tonner Doll's Dreamgirls Collection, and she has a Jamie Show body. I love her new look! I repainted her, and gave her runway eyelashes! I LOVE the blue! (Used to wear blue mascara when I was a teen and my dad used to say, "Looks like fungus is growing on your eyelashes! LOL Nah! Fungus is green, not blue!) The brown wig is from my BJD Tyler. Rust wig by Me. Very cool genie bottle was made by my friend, Shannon Craven, of Flutterwing Dolls and Collectibles. Both gowns by Monaeglow in Thailand (my current fashion obsession.) Necklace by MoxieGirlz. Earrings ---a gift from Karin of Cloud 9 Jewelry--for my Bollywood dollies!

Two pretty beach girls!

Well, the cold has officially set in, and I'm pining for the beach. Sold a few of my dolls to make ends meet, and added these two beauties to my collection --and got the two of them for the same price as one of the dolls I just sold. That's sweet! Both of these dolls were grail dolls for me for a couple of years and seemed so out of reach. I guess it was good timing!

Nothing beats a tan doll! (I think that goes back to my Malibu Barbie days! LOL) The only thing that could have been more perfect is that Tyler would have had black hair. (I have an obsession with dark hair on dolls too.) I guess they wanted her to look "beachy." It works for me, though. I picture Tyler as a blond, and really I need a blonde or two in my collection.

The beach girls--- Vacation on Location Sydney and Tyler! From the 2007 Tonner Doll Convention.

Ooooooooooo....pretty!!! I wish I were on the beach. (Well, maybe not the beaches in my area as they are FREEZING cold.) I miss summer!!!