Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not dolls in my collection but me as a little doll >>

Me in Nursery School. The artiste!!! (Apparently, they thought I was going to get paint all over the place. Newspaper on the floor. Major art smock going on there. What on earth is that I'm painting? LOL)

Christmas morning and one of my favorite childhood dolls, Sindy! (One of the original big head dolls! LOL)

God bless my parents--they bought me enough Sindy furniture to furnish the beautiful 5' high and 5' wide doll house that my dear dad built for me!!!

OOooooo...I see the dining room set on the bottom of the pile! LOVED the dining room! It had little plates, and cups and saucers, and glasses! There was even a silver tea set, and a full silverware set ---including dessert forks, and salad forks, and teaspoons, and soup spoons!!! FUN fun memories!!! My sister and I spent HOURS upon HOURS playing with our dolls (and had to be forced to stop on most occassions. Ask my mom!!!) Some things never change. Although, Mom, now I can play until 3 am and there's nothing you can do about it! LOL

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