Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tonner's BJD Tyler

This exquisite doll is a gift from a dear friend. She's a 16 " resin doll. Her resin is so beautiful and I wasn't even able to truly capture it on film. It's very translucent...white with a soft pink glow.

She came with three wigs--blonde, brunette, and red. LOVE the brunette and red on her. Not so wild about the blonde. I think it's the shade of blonde that I don't care for. With her skin tone, I think I'd rather see a platinum blonde, so I'm off to work to make her a wig---or two---or three. She definitely needs a raven wig.

She comes with interchangeable eyes. I've taken out her blue eyes, and replaced them with brown. I've ordered her some hazel eyes and some grey hazel eyes. I'll be curious to see those on her.

I absolutely love her! Her new name is "TJ", in honor of her original name, and "J" for the sweetheart who blessed me with her!

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