Monday, January 10, 2011

JamieShow Kyle

A happy addition to my collection, following the sale of my entire Daphne collection, is this gorgeous JamieShow Kyle, sold by Angelic Dreamz. Fabulous customer service and truly quality product. He was going to stay "factory" but alas, the artiste cannot resist adding a bit of paint here and there...and then finally, he ended up a full repaint. LOL It's useless. I must make my mark. I'm loving him to pieces now, and I am trying to determine which doll he "deserves" as his bride. Which girl is worthy of this gorgeousness? LOL Now, he is "Shariar", "the king." (Channelling Yul Brenner in this set of photos.)

And here's Shariar is his gorgeous Black Hills Doll Designs Sherwani. A costume befitting a raja!

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