Sunday, February 20, 2011

Enkeli and Tarja

Well, I sold off all of my Daphnes (sob) a couple of months ago, but I kept these two girls for me. Enkeli and Tarja are twins. Both are repaints by me. Both names are Finnish. They are each taking turns rocking this JamieShow body that I own. Can't decide who deserves it.

Here is the sultry Enkeli ("angel")-- with angelic platinum and silver hair wearing a gothic red and black lace gown by Karen Kolkman, and leather trench by Ran D. Angel. Earrings by Patty.

And Tarja (whose name means "protector") wearing a stunning pewter sequined gown by Alwin Roos. Gunmetal rose jewelry by Shiloh Winter Jewelry.

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