Thursday, June 9, 2011


Inspired by the George Eliot Novel, Daniel Deronda.

People who didn't know her well would say that she was haughty. She was an exceptional beauty, and a bit spoiled. She knew what she liked, and she deserved the best of everything. She had no need for a man. They were merely a game to her. She would not be owned, or controlled by any man. She was strong and proud.

What they didn't know was that the pride that she showed to the world was really hiding the fear that she held within her heart. Inside, she was just a child...alone and frightened.

So, when her family fell into financial misfortune, she was faced with a decision...whether or not to marry Henleigh Grandcourt. He was wealthy, and could provide her with all the luxuries that she could ever need. What would it hurt to marry for wealth? She really didn't believe in love anyway. Grandcourt led her to believe that she would have the world at her feet.

But there was one problem...Lydia Glasher. She left her husband for Grandcourt and had his children. Gwendolyn knew it wasn't right to marry Grandcourt, but she didn't want to end up in poverty and working as a governess.

She deserved better than that. Didn't she?

She convinced herself that she was doing what was best for her and for her family. What concern was Lydia to her? Little did she know that Grandcourt was manipulative and sadistic.

Then, there was Daniel Deronda. He was such a mystery to Gwendolyn. His kindness, and concern for everyone, including herself, puzzled her. It infuriated her. It drew her in.

Never in her life had she known someone like Daniel--who put his needs last and other's needs first. She saw real love in action---and it frightened her.

Daniel saw Gwendolyn's pain. He could see right through her. His heart broke for her. She was a prisoner.

Gwendolyn desperately wished to be rescued by Daniel, as day after day she suffered at the hands of the evil Grandcourt. Gwendolyn knew that for all the horrible things she had done, she deserved this life.

She was bound to Grandcourt but her heart was free everytime she thought of Daniel.

Daniel saw the beauty and good in her even when she couldn't see it in herself. His goodness brought about change in her.

She wasn't worthless. She wasn't afraid anymore. She now had courage. She now cared for more than just her needs, but her heart was open to the needs of others.

She found freedom in love...TRUE love.

And while Daniel's heart belonged to another, Gwendolyn was all the better for having known him.

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