Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing Hu'elani >>>

Her name means "Opening up to Heaven." She's my brand new Iplehouse Lt. Tan Asa. She received a face up today from me. I painted a plumeria and a hibiscus on her face. I think she's going to give Shanti a run for her money. :)

New mailman and he tried to stiff me again and take her back to the post office (for the 3rd time.) Rang the bell and then walked. I SAW him walking away. Practically tackled him at the driveway. He played totally stupid and said, "Oh...I have a package you need to sign for." Then he looked and said, "Oh, you already signed for it." Yeah...GIVE ME THE PACKAGE, DUDE!

Was NOT cooking today with her in my hands. Got takeout. Painted like a fiend.

She turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned. I LOVE when that happens! :)


  1. May I ask what kind or what company's eyes do you use ?

  2. Thanks for your comments, AniCola. Hu'elani is wearing Masterpiece eyes in the color "Afghan."