Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take that Iplehouse girls! A message from Shalimar.

Ever since those Iplehouse girls arrived on the scene, the rest of us dolls have been utterly neglected. Imagine my delight when this gorgeous leather vest arrived for Shantipriya (Carina) and she was too busty to fit in it. Can you imagine that my guardian actually considered returning the vest? Sheesh. Well, as you can see, I claimed it, and I have to say that I look incredible in it. I even got a mini photo shoot out of it. Sure feels good to be in front of the camera again! (Even got to try out the beach background! Royal treatment!)
Love, Shalimar.

And no...I'm not afraid at all of getting the leather wet. Cool people wear leather on the beach. Ask my guardian's BFF from college. She wears a leather jacket over her bikini. :) True. It's because true rockers even rock on the beach!!!! :)

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