Monday, November 1, 2010

Kashmira--- my beautiful Frankendollly!

A project in the making for a few months----Kashmira. She is a Frankendolly of sorts. I created her with a Deena head from Tonner Doll's Dreamgirls Collection, and she has a Jamie Show body. I love her new look! I repainted her, and gave her runway eyelashes! I LOVE the blue! (Used to wear blue mascara when I was a teen and my dad used to say, "Looks like fungus is growing on your eyelashes! LOL Nah! Fungus is green, not blue!) The brown wig is from my BJD Tyler. Rust wig by Me. Very cool genie bottle was made by my friend, Shannon Craven, of Flutterwing Dolls and Collectibles. Both gowns by Monaeglow in Thailand (my current fashion obsession.) Necklace by MoxieGirlz. Earrings ---a gift from Karin of Cloud 9 Jewelry--for my Bollywood dollies!


  1. She's a beauty, Laurie! B) aka Loudolly

  2. How is it, you can take a sculpt I love already (Deena/Angelina) and make her even more gorgeous? I love your inspirations - but how do you find room in your house for your huggy and kids? ;^)

  3. ONA będzie piękna i łysa i naga - zawsze i o każdej porze :)))