Monday, July 23, 2012

In memory of Ginny

I am an emotional and sentimental collector, which is perhaps one of the worst kinds of collectors. It makes for empty pocketbooks, and dolls who beg never to be resold because they hold heartstrings. These dolls represent just that. 

The first beauty is a Kara of Krypton repaint by Tracy Weston. Background: My favorite Tonner doll is Supergirl (tied with Daphne.) Ask anyone who knows me well and they'll confirm that. I sold my Kara of Krypton when my son was sick, and I needed money for doctor bills. My friend, Ginny was heartbroken for me that I had to sell her, and we were both hoping that I could find one again. So, how could I pass this gorgeous repaint up when I saw her a few days after my precious friend went to be with the Lord. She was originally named "Nina" but I've renamed her "Ginny" in honor of my beloved friend. I cannot get over her sculpted nails. Beautiful doll. She is indeed an angel.

Now, this one, Phantom Zone Supergirl, was actually a gift that I received from Ginny a few weeks before she passed away. She would affectionately call me "Supergirl" from time to time, so this was a special connection that she and I shared. This doll goes to my grave with me. Try prying it from my cold dead hands. I am a sentimental slob. She's been on my desk since Ginny passed away. I think I'm torturing myself. Probably not a good thing. I should move her to the display shelf. There. I just did it.


  1. So sorry. Losing a friend is so tough.

  2. What a sweet story and a lovely way to remember your friend.

  3. Thanks, Lou and Gina. It's been really rough. Hit me hard. I should have been prepared for it, but I don't think anyone ever is totally prepared. She's with the Lord and not in pain anymore, and that gives me joy. She was truly one of a kind...a beautiful soul.

  4. These girls are both beautiful and a wonderful memory of your friend and the memories that you two shared. I currently have 2 memorial dolls, for my aunt and mom. Its still hard even when we are prepared. Last year our group lost a dear friend, and theres times were i feel like it hasnt sank in truely. I do miss them and with these it does help me think on the memories attached to them.