Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tis better to have loved and lost

Still can't believe I sold my beautiful Roshan. Hoping that it doesn't hit me too hard when I "wake up."  It was a rough week. Lost one of my dearest friends to COPD. Having health problems ---possibly Meniere's Disease. Not thinking all that straight. All that aside--Roshan was enormous and took up a whole shelf on his own. Wish I could've shrink ray-ed him down to an SID size. I'll probably wind up with another Arvid sculpt some day. I'll try the model body next time. Superhero is gorgeous, but too big for me. He sure was a beautiful doll, though. I adore his profile. That nose! GORGEOUS! He's going to a good home where he'll be appreciated I'm sure. Shanti and I will miss him. He was "our" first love! :P

Roshan leaves tomorrow. The lovers, Shantipriya and Roshan, spent thier last night together under the stars reminiscing and saying goodbye.

Roshan: Do you remember when we first met?

Shanti: Of course I do, Roshan. Our eyes met...

Roshan: ...and there was magic.

Shanti: It all happened so fast. I can't believe tomorrow is the day you're leaving.

Roshan: I know. It feel like I just started getting to know you.

Shanti: Oh Roshan, I can't bear it!

Shanti: Please don't leave me!

Roshan: I must. Shanti, you are the most beautiful soul that I've ever met. I will never forget you. I have to let you go. Please understand. My life is not a life that permits me to have a family.  We wanted to have a family, Shanti. I could never be there for you and the children. You would be alone.

Roshan: Promise me you will never forget me.

Roshan: I love you, Shanti. You were my first love.

Shanti: You were my first love too, Roshan. We were made for each other. Don't you see? I still wear our wedding henna. How can you leave!?!?

Roshan: Listen to me, Shanti. You will fall in love again. You will forget all about me.

Shanti: I could never forget you. I thought you were made for me.

Roshan: We had our time, Shanti. It was beautiful, but now, we must go our separate ways.

Shanti: I feel like this was all a beautiful dream.

Shanti: It's over.

Roshan: So, I guess this is goodbye.


  1. so Laurie!

  2. That was such a sad post! Beautifully done. I hope Roshan has safe travels... wherever he ends up next... and it will be interesting to see who could ever *possibly* replace him in Shanti's heart... it's going to have to be quite the guy!!

  3. Hee hee Thanks for appreciating the drama queen that I am, Jen, Heather and Charlino! I was expecting someone to reply, "Get a life!" ROFLOL. Only doll collectors would understand. Roshan was quite a guy! :) Akshay is en route, though. Wonder how he and Shanti will hit it off. Hmmmm..... Could be interesting.