Monday, March 28, 2011

Perk Colette wearing her beautiful new gowns.

What's a doll to do when she's the only one of her kind left in a collection? Why, enjoy herself immensely being completed spoiled--that's what! Perk Colette is my only Fashion Royalty doll left. Dressing her tonight in these two gorgeous gowns that I received as a gift brought back many a regret of a sold doll or two, or three, but alas, she was one of my favorites and I'm glad I chose to keep her.

Here are two beautiful gowns ,by the fabulous Kevin Kilmer, that my dear friend, Ginny, blessed me with! SO beautiful!

I decided tonight that I'm going to name her "Maria." For some reason, I keep thinking of West Side Story when I look at her.

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