Friday, May 28, 2010

Aunt Sue's Museum of Dolls

As a child and young adult, there was nothing more fascinating than a trip to my mom's best friend's "museum." Well, it wasn't actually a museum--it was her home-- but we always viewed it as a museum because Aunt Sue had THE most amazing collections of anyone. I absolutely adore my Aunt Sue and she is one of the sweetest, and most interesting people I've ever known. The crowning jewels in Aunt Sue's collections (there were many collections because she was a world traveler) were her Madame Alexander dolls. I think she owns just about every one ever made. My sister and I used to stand before her curio cabinet for HOURS and just wonder in amazement at her dolls.


When I was about 10, Aunt Sue told me that I could choose any two, and they would be a gift for Christmas. I chose a little Scottish girl (our family is part Scot---my beloved Poppy was a Mac Ilwraith) and Scarlett O'Hara (it was all because of the gown.) (Oddly, I remember that my sister chose India, and I say odd because the majority of my doll collection as an adult are Indian dolls. Interesting.)


Here's the poor Scottish lass. She's lost her shoes, and socks, and her tam. (My girls decided to "play" with her one day---to my horror--and some pieces went missing.) Poor Scarlett was a victim of age, and her stringing rotted. I actually restrung her last week for my 8 year old daughter to have in her collection. Her beautiful gown is all yellowed and faded with age, so she's been redressed. (I'm showing some age too. Hee hee.) Still, there are many happy memories that reside in these dolls. Here is where my doll collecting began.

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