Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Layne Reese Collection

One of my favorite dolls in Tonner's collection is Layne Reese. I love Asian dolls, so I was thrilled when Robert Tonner added Layne into Tyler's world. I'm blessed to own 3 Laynes. Women in the Media Awards Layne
My first Tonner doll in my collection given to me by my dear friend Helene S.
Wearing Tonner's Spring Dance Sayuri Ensemble.
Jewelry by Shiloh Winter Jewelry.

FAO Schwartz exclusive Azure Layne

Jewelry by Shiloh Winter Jewelry

OOAK Layne Reese, Tian Shi ("angel" in Chinese) a special gift by Lynn of Ravenzdolls

Wearing Tonner

Jewelry by

Shiloh Winter Jewelry

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