Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kishiko-- a Mei-toinette

Kishiko (Japanese for "from the seashore") in Tonner's Panache
and wearing a silver crinkle organza top, and jewelry by me.


One of the best new dolls in Robert Tonner's collection is Antoinette. She has the most adorable little body, and her poseability is off the charts. One of my favorite classic Tonner dolls is Mei Li. What could be more perfect than a hybrid of the two? So---a Frankendolly experiment was undertaken, and Mei-toinette was the result!!!

I've found that the only doll that works coloring wise is the First Appointment Mei Li. The Bloom Antoinette body is the closest color match to First Appointment. Unfortunately, the new Mei Li dolls (though a perfect color match to Bloom) are too big in the neck hole. Hoping Robert Tonner takes this idea and runs with it. I've shown him pictures, and I'm dreaming.

Kishiko was rerooted & re-homed to one of my beloved friends, Sherry. Now she's called Lijuan...(photos by Sherry I.)

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