Friday, May 28, 2010


As of December, I've had to sell every one of my Daphnes. These are the dolls that once graced my collection. Sigh.

Daphne reigns supreme in my personal collection. I think she is THE most beautiful sculpt that Robert Tonner has ever created. (Supergirl ties with Daphne IMHO. I actually think they could be sisters.) Here are a few of my favorite Daphnes.

Shown here:
Special Engagement Daphne in her original dress.

Cannes Opening Daphne in her original dress.

Diversion at Dinner wearing Monaeglow. (This particular Daphne reminds me of my mom.)

Daphne Starr of the Red Carpet wearing Tonner's Autumn Gold

Moonlight Mystery wearing Haute Doll Miss World Sydney's Gown.

Touch of Teal wearing Madame Alexander's Model Perfect.

Arrival At Port OOAK Tiernan Finn...wearing a beautiful OOAK velvet gown by Ilse of MaxAmy Design, and a hooded cape by Kathi M. Necklace by Shiloh Winter Jewelry from the Celtic Christmas Collection. (Tiernan has since been rehomed.)

Wild Inspiration wearing Franklin Mint. Jewelry by Shiloh Winter Jewelry.

Raven Iris from the Metrodolls Garden Party Luncheon (Daphne sculpt) enhanced by me and
wearing Antoinette's Symphonic Ensemble by Robert Tonner.

Metrodolls Congac Iris wearing Franklin Mint Titanic Dinner Dress Ensemble

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