Friday, March 16, 2012

Wonderful Discovery!

See these dear little Madame Alexander Alex dolls? My beloved Aunt Sue gave these to me when I was eight years old. Aside from Barbie (who will always remain my first love), these dolls inspired my doll collecting/obsession.

The Scottish girl on the left has her original outfit on, however the dear girl on the right was originally Scarlett O'Hara. Her gown was destroyed by yellowing due to age and being improperly displayed. Tried to salvage it, and it was just a big mess--and pretty much shredded when I tried to hand wash it. She's been dressed in a Barbie dress that belonged to my daughter for a few years now and has looked rather shabby--a sad little image of her former self.

To my delight, my beloved friend, Ginny, sent me some doll clothes this week (among other treasures. It was indeed Christmas in March) and this little costume was in it. I couldn't imagine what doll it would fit, but I was super excited as the costume looked Austrian to me.

Went scrambling for little Alex tonight and discovered that it indeed DOES fit her! Doubly excited at the fact that both dolls now are wearing costumes from my heritage!

The little Austrian costume has little flowers on it (which probably should be Edelweiss, but are daisies---and that makes it even more sentimental because my dear Aunt Lynn who went to be with the Lord, loved daisies, and I thought of her right away. She's also wearing a yellow crocheted shawl...the crochet makes me think of my grandmother, Gigi, and the yellow--my Aunt Lynn again.)

VERY sentimental evening.

Note to self: buy the poor girls' some shoes, and finish mom's doll.


  1. Love it! Love the sentimental stuff. The dolls are cuties, of course. :)

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