Friday, March 16, 2012

Updating my Bollywood doll shelf in my studio

Adding a beautiful new girl to the mix tonight! Can you spot her? I'll do a proper introduction later. She's Jason Wu's new Fashion Royalty 16" doll, Anais McKnight. (She's on the far right in the foreground.) GORGEOUS doll and she fits so perfect in my Bollywood world.

Left to Right:

Tonner's High Seas Elizabeth Swann Jaya Rerooted by me wearing Ellowyne's Always Playing Solitaire;

Tonner's Tamina (Prince of Persia in her original outfit);

Tonner's Vacation on Location Sydney Priya in Viva La Posh ;

and Helen Kish/American Girl Girls of Many Lands: Neela from India (in her original costume.)

My little black sheep in front. He's my mascot. LOL Shows up around the studio from time to time.

Neela again; OOAK Tonner's Dreamgirls Deena Kashmira repainted and wigged by me wearing Sisen Designs (franken-dollied onto a JamieShow body);

JamieShow Alejandro Raj wearing a wig by me and dressed in Black Hills Doll Design;

OOAK repaint reroot Avant Guard LiveWire Jyoti by me wearing Karen Kolkman Creations;

OOAK Tonner Tamina Zaara by me wearing Halo Designs;

Helen Kish Mowgli Devdas wearing Sisen Designs;

Seated in the front:

Planetdoll Tara Pari painted and wigged by me wearing Karen Kolman Creations;

OOAK Antoinette Spice Shanti repaint and reroot by me wearing Alwin Roos Originals.

Zaara again; OOAK Tonner Dreamgirls Deena Larimar repaint and reroot by me wearing Monaeglow gown and a headpiece inspired by Alexander Mc Queen by me;
FR2 Anais McKnight wearing Alwin Roos Originals and purse by Jade Lenzt;
Lower Level: Helen Kish Mowgli wearing Sisen Designs. Shanti again.

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