Saturday, March 3, 2012

Captive in Questioning

This is from a story I'm writing with my friend, Luluna:

Jacinta: Rogue? Rogue you say??? The only rogue that I know of is the monster that stands before me and holds me captive, and I don't know of any redheads other than the masquerader who just tossed that red wig on the ground.
This is a deserted island. You won't find anyone on this island but me...and I mean to keep it that way.You and your kind are the reason that I left humanity in the first place.
I have done nothing. Let me go! "

She spits at him.
Pirate: Rogue? Monster? Me? By what of this world do you get that from?
I seek only to recover...a special cargo...that was last seen on that red-headed rascal's ship.
If you cared for this scoundrel, you would cooperate most willingly…the longer he has this cargo…the more his life is in mortal danger. And should anything happen…to this consignment he will have no where to stop…for he will be hunted till found. The man that claims ‘ownership’ of the treasure…is powerful and very dangerous.

I’ve donned that blasted red wig as I diverted another who is commissioned to retrieve this….treasure.

Only I knew to seek you out…for I know of your kind…and how you have watched him by afar.

Jacinta: What name you go by so that I would know whom it is that is holding me captive?

IF I knew of this scoundrel--though I confess I do not--what would make me believe that you have any noble intent in this matter, or dare place my trust in you? You and your men have stormed my harbor, beaten down my door, chased me to the top of this lighthouse tower, and now hold me against my will. And if that's not all...that other pirate ship that arrived at the same time as your ship has retreated. Why do those men fear you?

And you expect me to believe that this is all to retrieve some treasure? What exactly IS this treasure? And what would make you think that this man that you hunt is in possession of it? or furthermore... that I would know his whereabouts? Who does this treasure belong to? You? or are you under someone's liege?

I can see it in your eyes and detect by your words that you indeed know my secret, and yet you boast that you know my kind. You would sooner harpoon us or catch us in your nets. My family was brutally murdered by the hands of your kind.
But there was one whose heart was true that saved me and released me
from the net that bound me and would have sent me to my watery grave off the coast of Loch Eriboll
and to him I will ever be endebted. Oh, James, now you are the hunted. I will never betray you.

I roam the seas. I know of all of the doings of seafaring men. I also know of many treasures. If you promise to let me go, I could lead you to one. Just think of what you could do with all that wealth. I do not know this man that you're looking for. You are wasting your time here.


  1. Hello from Spain: I love this doll. has a penetrating gaze. Congratulations for the pictures. Beautiful entrance. Keep in touch.

  2. Thank you so much, Marta! I'm having such a blast with her. She's an Iplehouse Lahela that I've customized. My friend and I are having a great time creating a storyline around my doll, and her dolls.