Friday, March 9, 2012

Doll Collection update

Just updated one of the shelves in my studio.

Was blessed to acquire a new girl, and to return an "old" girl back to her place.

Left to right:
OOAK Tonner Daphne by Julie Elizabeth wearing Monaeglow, and a Monarch Butterfly hat that I created inspired by Alexander Mc Queen; Tonner Kingston Nurse Lana wearing Monaeglow; Tonner Zantanna (Lana)(new acquistion thanks to my dear friend Monica!) wearing an OOAK gown (don't know the artist as it was a gift); and seated, Tonner Platinum Cami with inset eyes (Jim Dandy was a sweetheart and touched them up for me) wearing Monaeglow. (Yeah---I kinda like Monaeglow.)

Angel in the center is Miss Marvel wearing an OOAK gown by Sherry Isenbarger (Sisen Design.)

OOAK Repaint Reroot Tonner Samantha by me wearing Alwin Roos; OOAK Repaint Reroot Tonner Lana by me wearing Alwin Roos; seated Kinetic Tszche (re-aquired thanks to my friend Matty!) wearing an OOAK wig by me, and Monaeglow gown; OOAK Repaint Reroot Tonner Daphne by me wearing Monaeglow.

All jewelry by Shiloh Winter Jewelry/Laurie Lenz ANGELS Doll Studio

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  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your photos. The clothes of the dolls is precious. They look like real models. We remain in contact blog to blog.