Friday, March 2, 2012

The stand-off with the pirates

Jacinta's mind races wildly. Her initial hope, that Captain James would turn his ship around and rescue her, immediately vanishes from her thoughts, and turns to panic. Might he indeed be crazy enough to do something like that? It horrifies her. She could not bear to see any harm come to him on her behalf. So many times when he was at sea, she had gone ahead of him, unbeknownst to him, and tried to protect him. Now that she had actually spoken to him...held him in her arms...

Oh why did she call out to him? Her flesh was so weak. She should have let him go on his way. How do you hold back love?

She now puts aside her fears and determines that if she can create a diversion that perhaps James' vessel will get far enough away that these men won't realize that his crew has even been there.

You rogue! Do you think I am afraid of your weapons? My people have fought your nets and harpoons for centuries!
and many died brutal deaths---horrors that flashed in her nightmares

What do you want from me? Why have you come here?
Did they follow James? Did they know he had been here?
Did they know her secret? Did they recognize her? Her eyes would tell them. Don't make eye contact.

The ocean calls her. Her heart is tearing in two.

Hold it back, Jacinta. Do not listen. Stand firm. Be brave.

Like a lamb, she surrenders-- ready to lay her life down if need be. She's tired of running. Tired of fighting. If they are focused on her, the focus will be off of James. It is decided.

She breathes deep and smells the sea...her home...and in her mind's eye she sees the Scottish moors and Highlands so far away...and James...her beloved James.

And for the moment--the thought of James in Lexy's arms actually brings her comfort. He would be safe there.

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